Breaking Down the New Orleans Saint Hubert ‘ 2011 Schedule

A realized saint of Kanpur (India) who is no longer in our midst said in the year 1986 AD: While worshipping the sun we are actually meditating on the divine power of our revered Gurudeva Shriram Sharmaji. This saint was an accomplished Taantrika. Whosoever was blessed by him attained desired fruits. Sometimes this saint came to Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, Saint Hubert Medals website:  for 5 days and then would return to Kanpur (India). Physically he had never visited any pilgrim spot and yet when he described them it seemed as though he actually had done so. He would say: When I go to sleep I visit all pilgrim spots with my subtle astral body. This was absolutely true. Initially he was an ordinary official in the postal department but later had obtained so many divine powers through austerities that whomsoever he blessed attained their desires. Therefore we were surprised when this saint said he desired to meet Gurudeva. He wanted to get initiated by Gurudeva else he felt he would miss out on attaining his spiritual goal.

We asked this saint: Why do you want to get initiated? You have chanted so many Gayatri Mantras and have as a result obtained so many divine powers. Hence why this desire for initiation? The saint answered: Do you think I have come to Shantikunj to roam around aimlessly? Oh! At Shantikunj one finds so much divinity all around. Mahaakaal (God of Time) himself dwells here. I do not know whether you have fully understood the greatness of your Gurudeva but whatever I know about him tells me that after many eons Lord Maheshwara and Mother Parvati have come down on earth to bring about a powerful transformation of this world. Hence if I get initiated by him I shall definitely attain salvation or Moksha. The time has arrived for me to shed my mortal coil and know for sure that Gurudeva too will end his sojourn on earth in about 4 years time. He will merge his subtle body so the time now is ripe for me to get initiated by him.

Despite the saint’s observations my Saint Hubert curiosity had not been fully satisfied. I queried thus: You too are an accomplished sage then why would you want initiation? He replied: You yet have not understood its importance. The Divine Powers/Sidhis which I possess are mere peripherals and are bound by time and space. They no doubt influence everyone and yet despite this what divine prowess Gurudeva possesses can easily Saint Hubert liberate a devotee from the shackles of time and space eternally. Assuming that I am a small bulb of light revered Gurudeva is its very powerhouse and much greater than the gigantic sun too. To date he has experimented albeit successful on a large scale on human consciousness. He has induced a ‘Shirshaasan’ in the sun (head on the ground and feet dangling in air). His power has merged into divine sun god. Savitri pervades the entire cosmos and Gurudeva via meditation and other such subtle spiritual endeavors has merged into it. Hence forth you will see this power influencing the entire world. I yearn to fulfill my ‘selfish’ desire of initiation. It is very difficult to come in contact with such a great preceptor. You are fortunate to contact that great preceptor whom devotees have tried to meet for eons together. You all have done so for carrying out his stupendous mission in this world. Now it is for you to realize his true divine greatness. Only then you will understand that Divine Powers/ Sidhis possessed by my self are naught in its comparison. Please help me get his grace via initiation that will ensure that no longer will I undergo the vicious painful cycles of birth and death.

Later as time went by, the prophecy of the great saint made above proved to be absolutely true. He did get initiated by revered Gurudeva, he then gave up his mortal frame and Gurudeva too shed his mortal frame as predicted. All this we witnessed actually happening in front of our eyes.

The above episode is written for pious Saint Hubert minded readers so that they too can realize our preceptor’s true greatness after reading what the great sage of Kanpur had to say about Gurudeva. The sage deftly gauged the spiritual aura and divine greatness of revered Gurudeva. In fact our Gurudeva him self would say: You all must meditate on a form. Hence if you choose to meditate on the sun meditate on my form. If you meditate on me it is synonymous with meditating on the sun. Hence when we meditated thus we noted that the preceptor oriented power was centered on the sun. We could easily meditate on solar Gayatri and thus all mental complexes and riddles were solved. So it was crystal clear that Gurudeva’s divine power had attained oneness with solar power.

Breaking Down the New Orleans Saint Hubert ‘ 2011 Schedule
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