Get the Hang of Auto Shipping Quote

If you run a manufacturing business, the first thing on your mind is probably the quality of your products, not the quality of your shipping rates. Your product is what increases your capital and your shipping process is a bridge between your products and their retailers. However, a company that overpays for its shipping is essentially eating into its capital. How frequently do companies overpay for shipping rates? About as frequently as they fail to compare them.

While shipping companies might profess that they’re 중국배대지 giving you the best deal, like you, they’re in the business of making money. And if you pay more for shipping than you need to, that’s totally fine with them. In Internet age, online shipping solutions are a dime a dozen, with each one offering some nice advantages. But if you want the best shipping quote for your company’s particular needs, you shouldn’t take the shipping industry’s word; you should hire an experienced logistics expect or purchase your own logistics software.

When you hire a third party logistics expert, you are hiring them to do two things: simplify and integrate your shipping process and develop a shipping process that saves you the most money. Once hired, a logistics expert will analyze your shipping contracts and compare them against other shipping plans, but with an eye toward the best plan for your unique products and their shipping requirements. For large manufacturers, hiring a logistics expert typically results in the following three outcomes, among others: a reduction or elimination of shipping route warehouse fees, dramatically increased delivery time and a ten percent reduction in shipping costs within the first year of a new shipping plan.

One example of how logistics can eliminate warehouse fees involves changing the means of delivery; for example, a logistics expert might recommend that a manufacturer begin shipping its products by air instead of ground. But wouldn’t this just increase delivery time at the expense of higher shipping rates? Not necessarily. A company whose products make multiple warehouse stops can incur total shipping costs that, when combined with transportation fees, far exceed the price of air shipping, not to mention that the products takes longer to reach retailers. Therefore, by implementing a single solution, a logistics expert has resolved three issues: poor delivery time, warehouse fees and, consequently, high shipping costs. This is what logistics experts mean when they say that they provide “integrated” shipping solutions.

Get the Hang of Auto Shipping Quote
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